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Lab Activities for the World Wide Web,

by Paula D. Ruby
Arkansas State University)
& Ralph Ruby, Jr.
Arkansas State University

Textbook Web Site
Teach an "Intro to the Internet" course? You've probably experienced a couple of different difficulties:
  • Not enough activities for the students to build their skills. And you don't have time to write and test practice activities.
  • Textbooks that become outdated rather quickly.
Paula Ruby and Ralph Ruby have a solution for you and your students: The WWW Annual Editions Lab Book.

What's New
Because we listen to students, and professors, (and because the Web doesn't stand still . . .)
  • New topics have been added within the Guided Practice, Reinforcement, and Enrichment exercises. New topics include: Jean Piaget, Mr. Show Biz, etexts, ethics, sports trivia, college mascots, health, images, music. If the original exercises where these topics have been added are still workable, they will be placed on the instructor's page of the Web site to be used as additional exercises.
  • Guided Practice, Reinforcement, and Enrichment exercises have been changed to reflect the needs of the users of the book. They are working through a browser tutorial, newsgroups, downloading images, adding formatting effects to Web pages, and using a Web page template.
  • The On-Line Readings have been updated to reflect new information when the topic requires currency. As well, additional On-line Readings have been included. As with the previous exercises, where the original On-line Readings are still effective, they will be placed on the instructor's page of the web site to be used as additional readings. The additional topics are as follows: History of the Internet, Which Portal Will You Choose?, Is the Web Secure?, Are Web-Bugs Ethical?
  • Additional Writing Practice exercises have been added to those existing to give instructors more to choose from when making assignments. The new topics are as follows: Who owns the Web?, How to Pick an ISP, Planning a Vacation, Design a Personal Web Site.
What's the Same
A book that stays current.

"I like the URLs given to send students to places where they can read articles and like the questions asked which will keep the students interested . . ."
—Terri Grutzkuhn, Montgomery College

"The exercises may be e-mailed to the faculty member through templates and there will be certain exercises that provide tear-out pages in the manual. The exercises definitely go beyond what most textbooks have with respect to exercises at the end of chapters."
—Dave Oscarson, Brevard CC

"As a teaching tool, I find the sequence of reinforcement-guided practice-enrichment exercises quite innovative."
—Sam Dosumu, Colorado Community College System

Includes . . .
  • A range of guided and self-exploratory lab activities which can accompany any internet textbook. The following categories accompany each lab.
    • Guided Practice
    • Reinforcement
    • Enrichment
    • On-Line Reading
    • Writing Practice
    • Check it out boxes throughout with student's favorite sites.
  • Assignments can either be torn-out/handed in, or submitted via email.
  • Updated yearly! The current edition is for Academic Year 2002–2003.
  • Several Enrichment Readings which refer students directly to more detail on the Web.
  • Not browser specific. When specifics are required (very rarely), both Netscape and Explorer directions will be provided.
  • Supported by a web site. Some of the activities will direct the students to go to the web site and download a template to complete their work or to access a web-based document. As well, if URLs change in the "lab manual" they will be noted on the web site.
  • Applications.

From Paula Ruby . . .
The purpose of Lab Activities for the WWW: Annual Editions, Academic Year 2002-2003 is to provide students with hands-on activities to gain competence in using the WWW. The book can be used as a supplemental text to a WWW/Internet course or can be used as a stand-alone text when doing is more of a concern than theory.

The companion Web site was developed to incorporate the use of the Web in the learning process by offering a flexible approach to teaching and also by keeping the text current. The elements of the Web site include: templates to complete Enrichment activities; templates to complete Writing activities; html files for the on-line readings that might be moved from their original site; updates when URLs change and also when a Web page changes significantly enough so that the textbook directions do not work. In addition, there are the following pages: contact authors, errata, feedback form, and a link to the Scott/Jones page.

Table of Contents


Lab 1—Browser Basics

Guided Practice 1       Moving through a Web document

Guided Practice 2       Completing on-line forms

Guided Practice 3       Printing Web pages

Reinforcement 1         Working through an on-line tutorial

Reinforcement 2         Setting Bookmarks/Favorites

Reinforcement 3         Saving Web pages

Enrichment 1              Citing electronic resources

Enrichment 2              Saving and citing news stories

Enrichment 3              Following on-line stock trading

Enrichment 4              Advertising Web sites on traditional media

On-Line Reading        A Brief History of the Internet

Writing Practice         Comparing browsers

Lab 2—Portal Sites

Guided Practice 1      Establishing a portal site

Guided Practice 2      Customizing the portal site

Guided Practice 3      Signing on to a chat room

Reinforcement 1         Searching for people

Reinforcement 2         Practicing establishing a portal site

Reinforcement 3         Using maps to obtain driving instructions

Enrichment 1              Going shopping on-line

Enrichment 2              Customizing a search engine

Enrichment 3              Evaluating chat rooms

Enrichment 4              Watching the weather

On-Line Reading        Portals

Writing Practice         Evaluating portal sites

Lab 3—Basic Searches

Guided Practice 1      Comparing search engines

Guided Practice 2      Searching with a multi-search engine

Guided Practice 3      Developing search skills

Reinforcement 1         Reinforcing search skills

Reinforcement 2         Searching for artists

Reinforcement 3         Searching for alternative medicine

Enrichment 1              Learning about the world’s fair

Enrichment 2              Locating sites for musical groups

Enrichment 3              Searching for movie stars

Enrichment 4              Purchasing an automobile

On-Line Reading        Search Engines: How to get the best out of the

Writing Practice         Reporting on the history of the Web

Lab 4—Electronic Mail and Mailing Lists

Guided Practice 1      Signing up for Web-based email

Guided Practice 2      Sending file attachments through email

Guided Practice 3      Sending files through FTP

Reinforcement 1         Downloading file attachments

Reinforcement 2         Creating a distribution list for email

Reinforcement 3         Subscribing/unsubscribing to mailing lists

Enrichment 1              Practicing FTP through a Web browser

Enrichment 2              Evaluating Web-based email services

Enrichment 3              Researching and using emoticons and abbreviations

Enrichment 4              Sending Web pages through email

On-Line Reading 1     The Core Rules of Netiquette

On-Line Reading 2     How Secure Is Your Transaction?

Writing Practice 1      Researching the use of email in business

Writing Practice 2      Microsoft .NET

Lab 5—Advanced Searches

Guided Practice 1      Using Boolean expressions and advanced

                                  search options

Guided Practice 2      Practicing Boolean expressions and advanced

                                  search options

Guided Practice 3      Using Advanced Web Search forms

Reinforcement 1         Searching specific document types and domains

Reinforcement 2         Searching in multi-search engines

Reinforcement 3         Searching for sites that identify drug abuse

Enrichment 1              Searching for downloadable resources

Enrichment 2              Searching for general trivia

Enrichment 3              Searching for graduate schools

Enrichment 4              Searching for sports trivia

On-Line Reading        Internet Searching Strategies

Writing Practice         Writing about distance learning courses

Lab 6—Directory Searching

Guided Practice 1      Category surfing for international programs

Guided Practice 2      Searching for jobs in searchable directories

Guided Practice 3      Surfing with professional guides

Reinforcement 1         Searching for currency conversions

Reinforcement 2         Searching for translating languages

Reinforcement 3         Searching for the history of holidays

Enrichment 1              Searching for general and specific topics

Enrichment 2              Surfing for hobbies

Enrichment 3              Category surfing for converting measurements

Enrichment 4              Surfing for social issues

On-Line Reading        Surf the Web: Top Ten Tips

Writing Practice 1      Preparing a proposal for continuing education

Writing Practice 2      Planning a vacation

Lab 7—Web Page Design

Guided Practice 1      Creating a simple Web page [with HTML]

Guided Practice 2      Finding and importing clipart and animations

Guided Practice 3      Adding elements to a simple Web page

Reinforcement 1         Understanding coding and tags

Reinforcement 2         Debugging a Web page

Reinforcement 3         Creating a personal home page

Enrichment 1              Examining color psychology

Enrichment 2              Defining Web language terms

Enrichment 3              Applying the ADA to the Web

Enrichment 4              Analyzing Web sites

On-Line Reading        Top Ten Guidelines for Homepage Usability

Writing Practice          Proposing a company Web site

Lab 8—Legal, Societal Issues, and Government Sites

Guided Practice 1      Locating privacy information

Guided Practice 2      Locating government booklets

Guided Practice 3      Discovering other countries

Reinforcement 1         Identifying banned books

Reinforcement 2         Touring the Library of Congress

Reinforcement 3         Obtaining information from statistical abstracts

Enrichment 1              Politician sites

Enrichment 2              Exploring computer virus myths

Enrichment 3              Locating watchdog groups

Enrichment 4              Obtaining information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

On-Line Reading 1     What Is Copyright Protection?

On-Line Reading 2     Web Bugs Nibbling at Computer Privacy

Writing Practice         Writing about on-line free speech


Instructor Materials
Answer files on diskette.

110 pages
ISBN 1-57676-097-9

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