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by Stewart Venit

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A Short Course in Windows 98
(320 pages)

The Windows 98 Textbook: Standard Edition (490 pages)

The Windows 98 Textbook: Extended Edition
(730 pages)

"I don't really have any revision suggestions. The textbooks are well written and easy to understand. I have had great success teaching from previous versions and I am sure it will be the same with the Windows 98 version."
—Cathie Hofmann, Scott CC)
"The illustrations for the most part are very good. I like to see the screen captures what the author is talking about just in case the student is studying and does not have a computer in front of them."
—Laura Hunt, Tulsa CC
  • All books contain basic Windows 98 material, including working with:
    • Applications and documents
    • File management
    • Control Panel applets
    • Internet-related topics
    • A little DOS
  • Pedagogy includes "tips", "troubleshooting", and "warning" notes, and review and lab exercises.
  • The Standard Edition provides additional material on file, printer, and interface management and extensive coverage of WordPad, Paint, and other accessories.
  • The Extended Edition has all this and adds material on networking, communications, DOS, the Registry, and OLE, plus extensive coverage of system maintenance. It also contains, at the end of each chapter, summaries and "If You Want to Learn More ..." (notes that delve more deeply into the chapter material).
  • Since their publication, Windows Textbooks by Stewart Venit have been adopted at over 100 schools. That makes for more adopter feedback; which makes for an increasingly refined teaching tool!
Table of Contents
Short Course in Windows 98; The Windows 98 Textbook: Standard Edition; and The Windows 98 Textbook: Extended Edition all include Chapters 1–6:

Personal Computers

Software, Operating Systems, and Windows

A Brief History of Personal Computers

Chapter 1 The Basics of Using Windows 98
1.1 The Windows 98 Desktop
1.2 Of Mice and Menus
1.3 Windows within Windows
1.4 Conversing with Dialog Boxes
1.5 Shutting Down Windows 98

Chapter 2 Working with Applications and Documents
2.1 Starting and Closing Applications
2.2 An Introduction to WordPad; Documents
2.3 Running Several Applications at Once
2.4 Installing and Removing Applications
2.5 Getting On-screen Help

Chapter 3 Managing Files, Folders, and Disks
3.1 Files and Folders
3.2 An Introduction to Windows Explorer
3.3 Moving and Copying Files and Folders
3.4 Other Operations on Files and Folders
3.5 My Computer
3.6 Formatting and Copying Floppy Disks

Chapter 4 Using Windows Efficiently
4.1 Tricks with the Taskbar
4.2 Customizing the Start Button Menus
4.3 The Windows 98 Find Utility
4.4 Associating File Types with Applications
4.5 Managing Print Jobs 4.6 Property Sheets

Chapter 5 Control Panel: Customizing Windows
5.1 An Introduction to Control Panel
5.2 Changing the Desktop Background
5.3 Changing the Appearance of a Window
5.4 Changing the Action of Keyboard and Mouse
5.5 Other Control Panel Options

Chapter 6 Windows and the Internet
6.1 An Overview of the Internet
6.2 An Introduction to Internet Explorer
6.3 Browsing the Internet
6.4 E-mail and Outlook Express
6.5 Creating Your Own Web Pages
6.6 Web Integration in Windows 98

The Windows 98 Textbook: Standard Edition and The Windows 98 Textbook: Extended Edition also include Chapters 7–9.

Chapter 7 Word Processing with WordPad
7.1 WordPad Revisited
7.2 Using Fonts in WordPad
7.3 Formatting Text in WordPad
7.4 Using Graphics in a WordPad Document
7.5 Other Features of WordPad

Chapter 8 Creating Graphics with Paint
8.1 An Introduction to Paint
8.2 Using the Drawing Tools
8.3 Editing a Graphic
8.4 Manipulating Cutouts
8.5 Other Features of Paint

Chapter 9 Using Other Windows Accessories
9.1 The Windows Calculators
9.2 The Notepad Text Editor
9.3 Windows and Multimedia
9.4 Accessibility Options
9.5 Additional Small Applications

ONLY The Windows 98 Textbook: Extended Edition includes Chapters 10–12

Chapter 10 Maintaining Your Computer System
10.1 Adding Hardware
10.2 Backing Up Your Hard disk
10.3 Increasing Free Disk Space (incl. "Trimming the FAT")
10.4 Fine-tuning Your Hard Disk
10.5 Other System-related Utilities (incl. "virtual memory" ;swap file)

Chapter 11 Networking and Communications
11.1 An Introduction to Networking (incl. local network) 11.2 Dial-Up Networking
11.3 HyperTerminal
11.4 Portable Computing

Chapter 12 Additional Topics
12.1 Running DOS Programs
12.2 Property Settings for DOS Programs (incl. DOS use of conventional, extended,
and expanded memory)
12.3 Startup Options and Configuration Files
12.4 The Windows 98 Registry
12.5 Object Linking and Embedding

A. General Shortcut Keys
B. Useful DOS Commands
C. Answers to Odd-numbered Review Exercises

Short Course in Windows 98
220 pages, ISBN 1-57676-026-X

The Windows 98 Textbook, Standard Edition
460 pages, ISBN 1-57676-017-0

The Windows 98 Textbook, Extended Edition
700 pages, ISBN 1-57676-025-1

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