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Starting Out Quickly
with Visual C++ .NET

by Doug White

Teaches students the rudiments of the Visual C++ operating system, in preparation to learning C++ in that environment. Can be used to supplement Starting Out with C++ by Tony Gaddis, or for a brief stand-alone introduction to Visual C++.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1—Introduction to Compilers
Overview of Compilers
Compiler Files
      The Source Code
      The Object File
      The Library File
      The Executable File

Various C++ Compilers Currently Available
Microsoft Versions of Visual C++
Support for Visual C++ on the Web

CHAPTER 2—Creating Projects
Creating a New Project Tutorial

CHAPTER 3—Creating Source Code Files
ASCII Source Files
Common C++ Usages and Conventions
      Case Sensitivity in C++
      Comments in Programming
      Scope Delimiters
      Columns and White Space in C++
      Indentation Conventions and Subordination
      Case Conventions in C++
      Hungarian Notation
Color Coding in Visual C++
      Non-ANSI Keywords
Creating Source Code Tutorial
      Example 3.5
      Running this Program (optional)
Saving and Managing Source Code Files
      File Naming and Version Management
      Disk Space Issues
      Backup Copies
      Laboratory Storage and Other Security Issues for Programming Students

CHAPTER 4—The Compiling and Debugging Process
Compiling Files
      The Compile Process
      Syntax and Logic Errors
      Initial Syntax Errors
      The Art of Debugging
Simple Debugging Tutorial
Common Syntax Errors
      The Missing Name
      Delimiter Errors
      Disk Space Limitations
      Typing Problems
Building Files
      Example 4.3 StepsLinker Error
Executing the Program
      Logic Errors
      Spotting an Overt Logic Error
Chapter 4 Exercises

CHAPTER 5—Using the Step Debugger
Step Execution
Step Debugging Tutorial Part I
The Stepping Options
Inserting and Removing Breakpoints
Step Debugger Tutorial Part II
Program Testing
Step Debugging Tutorial Part III
Chapter 5 Exercises


94 pages
ISBN 1-57676-133-9

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