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Complete Computer Repair Textbook 2004

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The Complete Computer
Repair Textbook 2004

by Cheryl A. Schmidt

ISBN 1-57676-144-4


Praise for The Complete Computer Repair Textbook by Cheryl Schmidt!
"I like this book. Explanations are easy to understand. This is the only book my teacher assigned and I think it is very good. It's easy to understand and the lab exercises are good, too."
a student in Virginia

"In particular, I like the paper and pencil exercises which give students the opportunity to start applying theory before they work on actual equipment. I also like the hands-on exercises she presents. Furthermore, from the parts I skimmed, it looks like Schmidt is more accurate in her technical explanations than most authors. Also, her coverage of current and emerging technology in computers is great. For a first time author, Cheryl Schmidt has done an outstanding job. Congratulations to her on authoring a computer repair textbook that is better than anything else I have seen."
Joe Pease, Instructor; Moraine Park Technical College

"Other instructors teaching hands-on computer assembly and repair classes know how very difficult and time consuming it is to prepare and test lab exercises, ensuring that labs provide a positive learning experience. The chapter reviews and tests provide reinforcement, are well written and cover all important topics. Finally, I have an excellent instructional computer assembly and repair textbook for my students.
Jody Seidel, Pima Community College

Chapter 1: Introduction to Computer Repair
Chapter 2: On the Motherboard
Chapter 3: System Configuration
Chapter 4: Disassembly/Reassembly
Chapter 5: Basic Electronics and Power
Chapter 6: Logical Troubleshooting
Chapter 7: Memory
Chapter 8: Floppy Drives
Chapter 9: Hard Drives
Chapter 10: Multimedia Devices
Chapter 11: Serial Devices, Mice, and Keyboards
Chapter 12: Video
Chapter 13: Printers
Appendix A: Introduction to DOS (in a Windows Environment)
Appendix B: Common Windows Elements
Appendix C: Windows XP
Appendix D: Introduction to Networking
Appendix E: Glossary
Appendix F: Index

Instructor Materials
PowerPoint presentations, Review Questions and Answers, Fill-in-the-Blank Questions and Answers, Exercises and Answers, Internet Discovery and Answers, Chapter Tests and Answers, Teaching Ideas, Test Generator.

The Complete Computer Repair Textbook 2004
by Cheryl A. Schmidt (1300 pages)
ISBN: 1-57676-144-4

Companion lab guide

The Complete PC Repair and Troubleshooting Lab Guide
Donald Casper and Cheryl Schmidt, Consulting Editor
ISBN: 1-57676-117-7

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