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Quick Start DOS for Windows 9

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by Forest Lin

This little book, about 150 pages, is intended for users of Windows 95 and 98 who want to learn to use DOS. Each chapter has 10 Drill and 10 Practice questions and answers. It is suitable for a short DOS class, or an operating systems class where Windows is the primary emphasis.

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Table of Contents

1. A Quick Tour
From DOS to Windows; From Windows to DOS; DOS Prompt and Command Line; Simple Commands; Online Help and Command Parameters; The DOS Window

2. Basic Commands
What Is a File?; Formatting a Floppy Disk; Display Directory Entries; Displaying a File's Contents; Renaming Deleting Files; Copying Files; Copying A Disk; Copying Files with XCOPY; Moving Files with MOVE; Printing A Screen Display and Disk File

3. Creating and Naming Files
Creating Files with COPY CON; Appending to a File; DOS File Name Conventions; Wildcard Characters; DOS Editing Keys; File Attributes

4. Managing Disks and Directories
Floppy Disk Types and Parts; Formatting Disks; Volume Label and Disk Checking; Organizing a Disk; Making, Changing, and Removing Directories; PROMPT, TREE, and PATH

5. Batch Files and Doskey
Creating and Using Batch Files; DOS Commands and Batch Files; Doskey, Macros,
and Batch Files

6. Redirecting Input and Output
Pipes and Filters; Using MORE; Using SORT; Using FIND; Combining Filters

7. Programming Batch Files
Batch Commands; Controlling Screen Display; Replaceable Parameters; Looping Branching; Maneuvering Environment Variables; File Existence and Exit Codes Building Menus

150 pages
ISBN 1-57676-032-4

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