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New edition available August 25th

  • Available August 25th
    Advanced Visual Basic. NET,3rd edition by Irvine & Gaddis
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This is the book that defined the course.

Table of Contents

Advanced Visual Basic .NET

by Irvine & Gaddis

1.        1.        Classes

1.1         Introduction

1.2     Value Types and Reference Types

         Value Type

         Reference Type

         Life and the Garbage Collector


1.3     Object-Oriented Design

         Finding the Classes

         Looking for Control Structures

         Describing the Classes

         Interface and Implementation


         Clients and Servers

1.4     Creating Classes

         Hands-On Tutorial: Student Class


         Hands-On Tutorial: Adding the GetGradeAverage Method

         Public and Private Member Access

1.5     Properties

         Using Properties for Data Validation

         ReadOnly Properties

         Hands-On Tutorial: Adding Properties to the Student Class

         Shared Variables and Properties

1.6         Constructors  and Destructors

         Overloading the Constructor

         Optional Constructor Parameters

         Assigning Property Values in Constructors

         Hands-On Tutorial: Adding a Parameterized Constructor to the Student Class

1.7     Multi-Tier Applications

         Hands-On Tutorial: Bank Teller Application

         Hands-On Tutorial: BankTeller Transaction Log

1.8         Composition Relationships Between Classes

         Employee Information Example

         Using UML to Describe Classes

         Displaying the Objects

         Hands-On Tutorial: Employee Information

1.9     Optional Topic: Using Text Files


2.        2.        Exceptions and User Interfaces

2.1     User Interface Design


         Designing Forms

         Using Microsoft Office as a Model

2.2     Input Validation

         General Principles

         Trapping Individual Keystrokes

         Hands-On Example: Account Number Input

         Handling the Validating Event

         Hands-On Example: Name and Age Input Program

         Hands-On Example: ErrorProvider Control

         ImageList and ToolBar Controls

         Hands-On Tutorial: Simple ToolBar

2.3     ListView Control

         Creating Column Headings

         ListViewItem Class

         Useful ListView Techniques

2.4     TreeView Control

         Basic Techniques

         Hands-On Tutorial: Contact Categories

         Hands-On Example: Disk Directory TreeView

2.5         Structured Exception Handling


         Exception Classes

         Try..Catch..Finally Statement

         System.IO Exceptions

         Hands-On Example: Averaging Test Scores

         Hands-On Example: Handling File Exceptions

         Propogating Exceptions

         Exception Handling at the Business Tier Level

         Designing Your Own Exception Types

         Hands-On Example: Testing PropertyException

         Exception-Handling Tips

3.        3.        ADO.NET Databases

3.1         Introduction to ADO .NET


         Database Basics

         Data Sources and Connections




3.2     Using Data-Bound Controls

         Hands-On Tutorial: SalesStaff 1

         Moving Programs and Databases

         A Brief Look at SQL

3.3         Navigating, Adding, and Removing Rows

         Hands-On Example: Updating the SalesStaff Table (SalesStaff 2)

         Writing Code for DataTables

         Using the Query Builder

         Hands-On Example: SalesStaff 3

         Filling List and Combo Boxes

3.4     Selecting DataTable Rows

         Using the SQL SELECT Statement

         Adding Expressions to Datasets

         Hands-On Tutorial: Selecting Karate School Members

         Parameterized Queries

         Hands-On Tutorial: Karate Members, Using Query Parameters

4.        4.        DataGrid, DataView, and ListView

4.1     DataGrid Control


         Hands-On Tutorial: Rental Inventory DataGrid

         Creating Table Styles and Column Styles

         DataGrid Events

         DataGrid Tips

4.2     Data Views and List Views

         Using a DataView

         Filling a ListView Control

         Hands-On Tutorial: Karate School Payments

4.3     Three-Tier Sports Rental Income

         Hands-On Tutorial: Creating a Sales Inventory Data Component

         Hands-On Tutorial: Adding the Business Tier

         Hands-On Tutorial: Adding the Presentation Tier

4.4     Pipeline Sports Rentals Checking Out Items

         Sports Rental Database

         Designing the User Interface

         Data-Related and Visual Components

         frmRental Class

         frmLogin Class

         frmCustomer Class

         frmInvoice Class

4.5     Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Rows


         Command Objects

         Inserting a Table Row

         Updating a Table Row

         Deleting a Table Row

         Hands-On Tutorial: Updating the Karate Payments Table

5.        5.        Databases with Related Tables

5.1         Connecting to SQL Server Databases

         Installing SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE)

         Programming Differences

5.2     Relational Database Design

         Pubs Database Tables

         Table Relationships

         SQL Queries that Join Tables

5.3     Database Constraints

         Primary Key Constraints

         Referential Integrity Constraints

         Column Check Constraints

5.4     DataGrid Control with Related Tables

         Hands-On Tutorial: Using a ComboBox to Filter DataGrid Rows

         Displaying Parent and Child Tables in the Same DataGrid

         Hands-On Tutorial: Jobs-Employess DataGrid

5.5     Related Tables with Unbound Controls

         Stores and Sales Tables

         DataRelation Objects

         GetChildRows Method

         GetParentRow Method

         Hands-On Tutorial: Sales by Store

         Using Query Builder to Join Tables

         Hands-On Tutorial: Joining Tables in Sales by Store

6.        6.        Using SQL Server

6.1         Introduction

         The SQL Language

         Data Types

6.2     Using Server Explorer

         Creating Databases and Tables

         Hands-On Tutorial: Campus Database

6.3     Data Definition Language (DDL)



         CREATE VIEW

         DROP TABLE

         DROP INDEX

         DROP VIEW

         ALTER TABLE

6.4     Data Manipulation Language (DML)



         INSERT INTO

6.5     Executing Queries in Program Code

         Hands-On Tutorial: Action Query Program

6.6     Stored Procedures



6.7     Creating Stored Procedures

         Using Visual Studio Server Explorer

         Using SQL Server 2000

6.8     Executing Stored Procedures

         Hands-On Exampe: College Courses

         Creating a Data Adapter

         Connection Data Adapters to Stored Procedures

6.9     Case Study: Student Profiles Program

         User Interface

         Stored Procedures


7.        7.        Web Forms (ASP.NET)

7.1         ASP.NET Basics


         Types of Internet Applications

         How Web Applications Work

         HTML Designer

         Browser support

         Files in Web projects

7.2     Creating ASP.NET Programs

         A Simple ASP.NET Program

         Hands-On Tutorial: Student Picnic Program

         Links and Navigation

         Request and Response Objects

         Hands-On Tutorial: Student Picnic Confirmation

7.3         ASP.NET Objects and Namespaces

         Important Namespaces

7.4     Standard Web Forms Controls

         ImageButton and LinkButton

         RadioButton and CheckBox

         CheckBoxList and RadioButtonList




         Binding List Controls to Arrays

7.5         Formatting Tips

         Setting the Tab Order

         Multiline Text Boxes

         Grid Layout Versus Flow Layout

         HTML Table Control

         Building Complex Layouts

         Example: Kayak Tour Signup

7.6     Optional: Copying an ASP.NET Project

8.        8.        Web Forms II

8.1     Data Validation Controls


         Common Properties





8.2     State Management

         Page-Level State (ViewState)

         Application State

         Session State

         Hands-On Tutorial: Customer Session

         Browser Cookies

         CookieExample Program

8.3     Practical Tips

         Moving an ASP.NET Program

         Deploying a Web Application

9.        9.        ASP.NET Databases

9.1     Using a DataReader

         Reading Rows From a Table

9.2         CheckBox and RadioButtionList Controls

         Hands-On Example: Kayak Types

9.3     DataGrid Control

         Filling the DataGrid

         Custom Formatting

         Sorting a DataGrid

         Paging a DataGrid

         Hands-On Example: Two-Tier DataGrid

9.4     Creating and Saving Database Records

         Hands-On Example: Three-Tier Rental Reservations

         Saving State in the Rental Reservation Program

9.5     DataGrids with Related Tables

         Hands-On Example: Kayak Display Program

9.6     Database Updates with Related Tables


10.   10.   Web Services and SOAP

10.1         Introduction to SOAP

         SOAP Messages

         Data Type Support

10.2   .Net Framework Support for SOAP

10.3   Creating Web Services

         Microsoft SOAP Toolkit  

10.4   Web Services Example

10.5   Deploying a Web Service

10.6   Kayak Price List Lookup Web Service

11.   11.   Advanced Classes

11.1   Interfaces

         Using Interfaces to Implement Behaviors

11.2         Inheritance

         Simple Interitance

         Abstract Classes

         Visual Inheritance

11.3         Polymorphism

         Collections of Polymorphic Objects

Appendix A: Answers to Review Questions

Appendix B: Visual Basic .NET QuickStart

(Will be located on the author's Web site)

Creating a Windows Application

Data Types



Declaring variables and constants


        counting loops (For-Next)

        conditional loops (Do-While, Do-Until)

        iterating loops (For-Each)

IF statements



Standard Modules

Formatting Numbers

Subroutine Declarations

String Handling



        Standard properties and events

        Showing and closing

VB .NET Controls

        Label, Button, TextBox, ListBox, ComboBox,  PictureBox, RadioButton, CheckBox, GroupBox, Menu

        Event handling for controls

Advanced Visual Basic. NET, 
ISBN: 1-57676-098-7 (800 pages)

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