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Excel 2003 for Office XP:
Volume 1—Core Concepts,
5th Edition
ISBN 1-57676-146-0


Excel 2003 for Office XP:
Volume 2—Expert Concepts,
5th Edition

ISBN 1-57676-147-9

by Karen J. Jolly
Portland Community College


What Hasn't Changed
Most textbooks either put me to sleep, or I feel like I'm reading something that was written for someone who already knows the material. This book had a great balance of reading and exercises. And when it comes to online classes, in my opinion, the textbook makes the class.
—Coral Leafdahl, Student

This chapter (Charts) has given me an overall and practical understanding of charts—at last! As a senior accountant, I can now do charts with more confidence!
—Karen Peterson, Student

Including the Business Math Workshops will aid the student in understanding how and why they are using formulas for the particular assignments. I believe this is an excellent idea and very practical.
—Margaret Moore, Coastal Carolina College

The Math Workshops are terrific and unique—no other book has this feature. My students really like the book because it is so meaty—and easy to digest.
—Carol Ohle, Pikes Peak Community College

Karen Jolly's writing style is so near my teaching style. She assumes that the reader has no knowledge of the application program and guides the reader through each step. I feel her examples leave no room for misinterpretation. I have many international students who find English a very confusing language. When I introduce them to Karen's book I feel these students will be very pleased with the written language.
—Professor Betty J. Kellner, Rockford College

Definitely this text would be a finalist. I like the way the thought process is explained. The student is encouraged to try what was covered just as if the instructor were at their side.  I like the additional practice (Try It Now!) before going on to the next topic. The Tell Me Why! is also a nice touch. I feel the quick review is a terrific study guide for students as is the vocabulary list. I liked the culturally diverse company names in the exercises that enable many students to better relate to the problems. But most of all, I like the workshop on basic mathematics which is the area where many students are ill-prepared.
—Professor Sally Kurz, Coastline Community College

What's New

New coverage on . . .

  • Business Math Workshop: Cross Checking
  • Adding Comments
  • Earlier Coverage of Chart Wizard

Table of Contents

Volume 1—Core Concepts in Excel

Preparing to Excel
Business Math Workshop: Calculate Percentages
Chapter 1 Creating a Worksheet
Business Math Workshop: Cross Checking
      Business Math Workshop: Sales Tax
      Business Math Workshop: Commissions and Bonuses
      Business Math Workshop: About a Sales Invoice
Chapter 2 Entering Basic Formulas
Chapter 3 Moving and Copying Information
      Business Math Workshop: Determining an Average
      Business Math Workshop: Markup and Markdown
Chapter 4 Working with Formulas
Chapter 5 Multiple-sheet Workbooks & other Time Savers
Chapter 6 Formatting For a Professional Appearance
Chapter 7 Working with Large Worksheets, Page Setup, and Printing
Chapter 8 Creating Charts
      Business Math Workshop: Determine Interest
Chapter 9 Using Functions and Creating Lists
Chapter 10 Linking Data and Using the Internet

Volume 2—Expert Concepts in Excel

Chapter 11 Creating and Using Templates
      Business Math Workshop: Stocks, Bonds, and Portfolio Values
Chapter 12 Creating Macros and Visual Basic
Chapter 13 Integrating Excel with Other Applications
Chapter 14 Exploring Additional Format, Audit, and Protection Topics
Chapter 15 Editing and Enhancing Charts
      Business Math Workshop: Present Value
      Business Math Workshop: Future Value and Compound Interest
      Business Math Workshop: Determine Depreciation
Chapter 16 Working with Advanced Functions
Chapter 17 Nesting Functions and Advanced Lookup Tables
Chapter 18 Advanced Features of List Management
Chapter 19 Using Outline, Subtotal, and Conditional Formatting Features
Chapter 20 Using Named Cells
Chapter 21 Creating Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts, and Consolidating Workbooks
Chapter 22 Using Data Analysis Tools of Data Tables, Goal Seek, Solver, and Scenarios
Chapter 23 Creating and Validating Forms, and Sharing Workbooks

Chapters on CD
Using Help
Sending a Worksheet via E-mail
Working with Graphic Images
Working with Styles

Enrichment Studies on CD
Speech Recognition
Create a Custom Number
Create a Custom Menu (Add a New Menu Name)
Range Names
Merge Workbooks

Excel 2003 for Office XP: Volume 1—Core Concepts, 5th Edition
500 pages
ISBN 1-57676-146-0

Excel 2003 for Office XP: Volume 2—Expert Concepts, 5th Edition
400 pages
ISBN 1-57676-147-9

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